Sunday, August 31, 2008

Daring Baker's August Challenge - Pate Choux Eclairs

I was sooo happy when this month's challenge was announced.. finally a chance for me to try PATE CHOUX... sure I was kind of scared but excited at the same time...if I could master this I could make profiteroles for the rest of my life!!!

This month's challenge is also really especial for me because my Bad Monsieur Josh helped and he made the eclairs taste THAT much better!!! He made the chocolate sauce and glaze... oh quick note about that amazing chocolate sauce is GREAT on ice cream.

The pate choux wasn't that hard to make and it handled like a dream, the only hard part was seeing the little eclairs deflating when they came out of the oven.. I made them twice and twice it happened, but now I know thanks to the amazing Daring Bakers out there that I should take them out with care and cool them little by little. I made one other little adjustment to the eclairs and that was to include some coffee in the pastry cream and some pecans on top of the eclairs after glazing them.

Well... what else can I say I LOVED this challenge and now I leave you with some pictures to convince you to make them one day.. you'll love the result and you'll love playing with the pate choux.

This is the choux paste

And the eclairs... yuuum

Friday, August 8, 2008


Let the games BEGIN!!!!

I watched the inauguration today and it was amazing!!! the fireworks were incredible and I am excited for all the athletes.
I appreciate the Olympics so much because they give the opportunity to athletes every 4 years to come together in peace with all the other countries and compete at what they are best in... show what is inside them and become gods among men. GOOD LUCK to all athletes out there!!!

I'll sure be watching female and male gymnastics and male swimming (seriously... my favourite event.. *blush* I wonder why) so... what are YOUR favourite events?!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Miss Ifi's Sing-Along blog

Seriously you must!!! it is hilarious and it will have you singing all day ^_^

trust me.. you won't regret watching it.. besides how could you object to Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion??!!


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hooked on French Onion soup

A few weeks back at an awesome weekend retreat at Sarah's house (thank you Sarah for hosting that awesome weekend again!) dedicated to watch the Tudor's, I was fortunate to try homemade French Onion Soup.

After some hesitation I decided to try my hand at French Onion Soup... ooooh!!! it's soo good, the fact that this dish takes SHERRY .. well let me just tell you it is definitely for ME. I highly recommend that you take your JOY of cooking book and give it a go *winks*
I love making French Onion soup if only the onions didn't make me cry so much, I usually cut them in half and put them in fridge for a while so they are not so bad.. but this time it didn't seem to work so well do any of you know any good tricks so onions don't make me sob?!

now.. you can't tell me you wouldn't like a bowl of this

yum right??!! you are all welcome to drop by next time I make it, just give me a heads up

Oh!!!.. and could this be??!! a knitting project all finished and blocking?! I fear that you'll have to wait a few more days to see the how the whole thing looks but enjoy the sneak peak ^_^

Saturday, August 2, 2008

This Daring Baker apologizes

Dearest Daring Bakers that stopped by, I am sorry to inform you that I was unable to complete July's challenge, but I hope to join you in next month's awesome challenge.

Thanks again for stopping by!!