Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Boogalor! - ghouls part I

Tag line: "Boogalor was born to Boogie"

His favourite food is black beans
he lives to hang out by the phone
in case any of his friend call him.

His spaghetti like arms allow him
to grab on tightly to anything,
specially to you

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sniffles & Coughs

That is right, that is what I am doing right now.. sniffling and coughing ... I had planned to do so many entries this week, because well it is Halloween and there's just soooo much crafty stuff to do, but NOOOOOO.. every time I sat down to write I just felt without energy and sad and just SICK! *grumbles* stupid cold

But I'll soon start posting the crafty Halloween stuff.. SOON!!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

I <3 October

The Addams Family
Originally uploaded by Miss Ifi
I've always liked October, not because it is my birthday, but because it is the FALL month and also because there is Halloween followed by Day of the Death.
Since I am from Mexico, I've always celebrated Day of the Death, and it is still my favourite day of the year, is just so special, the weather is different and there is this mysticism in the air, and we have special bread and candies.
Now, I celebrate Halloween AND Day of the Death, and I love it!!!
What I also love about October is the fact that there is so many good movies on, I love the old creepy movies... they are just soo gooood, and my favourite of course, The Addams Family. I wanted to be just like Wednesday when I was little, and maybe one day be just like Morticia.
Why can't there be more Halloweens in the year??!!! we need moooore, more creepy.. more unusal!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Happy birthday to ME.. happy birthday to me!

b-day cake
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On October 14, my 24th birthday occurred , and this is the cake I decided to make!
a Ricotta cheesecake with a chocolate crust, which tastes delicious chilled, the recipe was found in the Falling Cloudberries book.
The cheesecake was too small for the 24 candles, which is why it only has one, but I didn't want to set the fire alarm!!!
well.. happy birthday to me! looking forward to next year .. the big 25!!! wheee!!!! I'll start planning the party next year, all of you welcome to come!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Thanksgiving PIE... I mean.. weekend!

Well Thanksgiving weekend hasn't gone the way I expected, as I had hoped I could spent it with MY Monsieur Josh, but I did get lots of treasures from my old land lady's garage sale and I'll take lovely pictures for ALL of you!!!!

Also.. I'll get to eat PUMPKIN PIE tonight!!! yay for pumpkin pie!!!! I love pumpkin pie... have I mentioned how MUCH do I love pumpkin pie???

Last night, I watched "Must love dogs", it is a funny movie.. specially the part where they mention " If you happy and you know it clap your hands" *claps* come on now.. everybody clap your hands!!

Well... I must go for now, I have to do some handy work around the apartment and then.. to have some pumpkin pie YAY!!!!

and a Happy Thanksgiving to all of ya!

Monday, October 1, 2007

October -- Chapter I

October is a dangerous month.. well maybe dangerous is not the word, but still. And WHY you may ask is it dangerous? well, it is the month that I turn one year older and it can go 3 ways
a) Very well, I'll be very happy
b) I'll hate my birthday, hide and refuse to be one year older
c) Go about my business and make a seamless transition into my new age

Fall has settled, during the weekend we had a few quite chilly days, I am a fan of fall, but it seems it has arrived too soon. Just last week we were still wearing t-shirts and on Sunday we had to wear coats and cuddle (wishing a certain someone would be here so I could cuddle... where are you Monsieur Josh?).

We might not know what to wear with the changing climate but the trees do, they are changing into their orange and red colours. When I went out during the weekend, it seemed like they had given up being summer trees and transform, they are tired of holding their leaves and will now gives us a month of leaf carpets and fairy tale colours before they go to sleep for the winter.

And for now I must say goodbye, while the fall moon rises behind me.