Monday, October 1, 2007

October -- Chapter I

October is a dangerous month.. well maybe dangerous is not the word, but still. And WHY you may ask is it dangerous? well, it is the month that I turn one year older and it can go 3 ways
a) Very well, I'll be very happy
b) I'll hate my birthday, hide and refuse to be one year older
c) Go about my business and make a seamless transition into my new age

Fall has settled, during the weekend we had a few quite chilly days, I am a fan of fall, but it seems it has arrived too soon. Just last week we were still wearing t-shirts and on Sunday we had to wear coats and cuddle (wishing a certain someone would be here so I could cuddle... where are you Monsieur Josh?).

We might not know what to wear with the changing climate but the trees do, they are changing into their orange and red colours. When I went out during the weekend, it seemed like they had given up being summer trees and transform, they are tired of holding their leaves and will now gives us a month of leaf carpets and fairy tale colours before they go to sleep for the winter.

And for now I must say goodbye, while the fall moon rises behind me.

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