Friday, February 26, 2010

Sales for the week of Feb 26-Mar4

I love Thursdays because I get to see the sales for the following week, unfortunately I don't get all the flyers (usually only Loblaws and Independent post their flyers online on Thursday) and I have to wait until Friday for the Metro flyer and until Saturday for the Farm Boy flyer... it used to be that the Thursday newspaper included all the flyers but not anymore (that makes me angry), but this week is different thanks to my friend Carrie I got to see all the flyers yesterday and I can tell you about the awesome sales that are on this week.

For all of you in the Ottawa area....
METRO is offering:
-seedless cucumbers, celery and tomatoes for 99cents each... can you say SALAD?
-a bag of 4 sweet red peppers for 2.99 (perfect as snacks with some dip)
-Campbell's broth for 1.97 (good for risotto, which I'll make this week)

YOUR INDEPENDENT (as well as LOBLAWS) has on sale:
-Mushrooms and tomatoes for 99 cents a pound (great for pasta dishes)
-Salmon portions 2.49 (great with some brown rice and zucchini)
-D'Italiano bread for 1.49 (great for some sammiches.. yum yum)
-Large Broccoli for 1.29 each
-PC Air Chilled whole chicken 2.49lb (do yourself a favour and get a chicken, roast it with some potatoes the leftovers can be had with some salad and then make some broth for a wonderful soup)
-Chocolate Milk 99 cents per litre (for those of you out there who enjoy this type of thing)

-Sweet red peppers 1.99 lb (these are usually bigger than the ones you get in a bag at Metro.. so you have an option)
-English muffins 1.29 pack of 6
... yeah not that many things at Farmboy

You might be wondering WHY DO I LOVE FLYERS SO MUCH?? well.. I love looking at the flyers because that way I can plan a lot of my meals around sale items and I can save (who doesn't like to save money??) I am pretty sure that many of you out there have this same love for flyer day.. do you??

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Regarding food


We are so related and at the same time so separate from it, we NEED it to survive but most of us seem to busy to cook and actually enjoy our food.. still when we do take the time to enjoy something delicious our spirits lift, we feel happier.. there is no denying that we have fond memories that relate to food, for example memories of grandma's cooking.

If food is SO important and when we eat something good we feel better, perhaps it is worth it to spend a little bit of time everyday to prepare and enjoy our nourishment.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Have you been looking for me?

Probably not.. but I have been away reading and learning more about food, I really thought I wasn't going to post on the blog anymore but I have a new purpose!!!

YES you heard right, a new purpose, I am starting a new phase in my cooking life in which I am eager to learn more about where our food comes from, what exactly we are putting in our mouths and about food policy so I think this is worthy of blogging again!!... I am also trying to eat better and live a healthier life (not that I'll stop eating butter of beef anytime soon.. I don't think I could live without either of those things) and exercise more which up to a few months ago I HATED so you'll hear about these things too ....I guess as always I'll also be talking about a whole bunch of silly things and another of my new obsessions (food in the movies) so stay tuned.