Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cipollini *giggles*

Okie, so I am in Mexico visiting my parents and I have been taking some photos of the food I've been eating... unfortunately for you I haven't uploaded any because I am still playing with them on Lightroom and Photoshop (yes.. I've become quite addicted to these new toys)

In any case.. this post is called Cipollini... *giggles* and is has nothing to do with the photos of Mexican food I've been taking for you. Last week my parents and I went to visit Palenque, Chiapas and it was extremely hot.. trust me REALLY REALLY HOT!!! it felt like sauna or a really moist oven, so around 2pm when my mom and I didn't want to be in the direct sunlight we hid in our nice air conditioned room and watched Everyday Italian with Giada De Laurentiis. I had never had the change to watch the show and I thoroughly enjoyed some of her ideas.

Now.. to the point, on the show Giada mentioned several times the little Cipollini onions, I have never seen them or use them in my cooking but I thought their little UFO shape and their name were hilarious.. so now obviously every time I hear the name I giggle a bit, come on.. you know you want to laugh with me too!!! Cipollini ^_^

Oh well.. now they seem to pop out in every food blog I read, doesn't it happen to you that when you hear about a new ingredient suddenly you find it everywhere!!! and it was like it had been right in front of you.. you just didn't noticed it before?? Since I can't find any Cipollini around here I'll have to wait until I go back to Ottawa to know what they taste like.. but I look forward to that moment, if you have any favourite recipes with Cipollini please send them in.. I would love to try them.

oh.. Cipollini *giggles*


Anonymous said...

I miss you! CIPOLLINI!!! Kisses from Miss Martha (I forgot my blogger passwrod....again)

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