Thursday, March 13, 2008

Can't stand winter anymore

Lately I've been feeling blue, just feeling sad and moping around... the stress from school has taken a toll on me and this loooong winter isn't really helping at all, right now it is actually snowing out there... just what we need MORE SNOW!!!..

Maybe I just need to eat some cake with loooots of chocolate, or maybe I need to MAKE a spring cake to entice spring to come over.. or maybe I need a new apron (having a new apron would be great) that is flowery and that I can wear around the house to make me feel pretty and springy and in a good mood.

Luckily Miss Martha tried to help me out with this mood and brought me a present (yay for presents!!!) meet Miss Gretta

There is one more thing that has been putting a stress on me, and that is the fact that I am graduating soon and I need to find and job, and this search is driving me INSANE!!! I went to this job interview yesterday and the guy asked me at the end of the interview whether I had a car or not, when I answered NO.. he looked at me like I was a leper.. and proceeded to tell me that I would probably need to get one. Yeah.. cause what the world needs right now is MORE cars on the road, I bet he hasn't been on the public tranpo in.... well he has probably never been on a bus who am I kidding .. /sigh

I'll go back to my knitting for now, I hope your lives are going much better than mine!!! and if you are making me... could I come over?


linda said...

Sorry about the snow. Over here we actually have spring going on. Not nearly warm enough for me though but at least the weather doesn't depress me.
You just knit...maybe a hat and scarf ;)

Anonymous said...

I don't have a car either, what's up with him? haha

Sorry you are feeling low, I agree that Winter does that! It is getting to Spring here, but this last week it has been endless rain, and more to come, aaargh!

We have had no real snow this year :o( I love snow, although I guess a lot would be annoying!

Big hugs! x

Anonymous said...

haha sure, you can come help me mop up the water that keeps leaking into the cellar!

I used whisky because it was all we had, but I think if I had had some Baileys I would have used those!