Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Lemon Sabayon Nests

Friday March 14th was PIE day (also known as PI day as in 3.1416), unfortunately I didn't get to make any pies that day, but on Saturday I made lemon meringue tartlets for Miss Martha and her Josh.. it is really nice to use a recipe from the Daring Bakers over and over, the recipe has proven very delicious so that is WHY I keep going back to it.
I knew that I would have leftover curd from the tartlets, so I decided to adventure and do something from the LCBO's Food & Drink magazine for the Spring 2008 LEMON SABAYON NESTS *giggles* I love saying sabayon... sabayon.. sabayon.. *clears throat* anway, I made the nests for which you need:
* a muffin tin (greased)
* a preheated oven at 350F
* a few sheets of phyllo dough
* melted unsalted butter
* granulated sugar
the way to prepare the nests is: roll the dough and cut little strips like pasta, then separate them, put little piles of the dough in the muffin tins, gently hollowing out the centre to make a nest shape, you then proceed to brush them with butter and sprinkle them with sugar and bake them for 6-8 minutes.
Once the nests were done I only had to fill them with the same curd that the tarts had, but I wanted to make them prettier so I mashed some raspberries and mixed them with a little bit of sugar and pour that mixture over the filled curd nests ........ and this was the result!

I am sad to report that the nests did not survive the trip to Miss Martha's house, they were too fragile, however the tartlets were enjoyed and I was happy... I love making people happy with my baking!

That is all for now, may you have wonderful dreams of spring desserts!


Anonymous said...

aaah look how pretty!!
and you found a fine use for some leftover egg yolks too! ;o)

I agree on normal Baileys, I have never tried the other varieties, although I am intrigued by Caramel.

Today is lovely (so far) and the sun is shining so hopefully not too much more rain or water in the cellar!!
How long til Spring starts to melt the snow for you?

linda said...

They look beautiful with the caramel free forms, love the addition of raspberries.

Carrie Anne aka Miss Martha said...

My goodness I can't believe I missed PIE day. I married a mathematician (sp?) so usually there is a bit of a fuss made out of that day..........so sad.....

Hopefully spring is on the way. Despite the crazy piles of snow, the days feel warmer.....unfortunately it has also made them wetter - which means we should go shopping for delightful and colourful rain boots.....and we should get ahold of miss amelia and do something fun.