Sunday, September 21, 2008

First day of Fall

Wow... I haven't posted in sooo long and perhaps that is because in the past few weeks things have spun a bit out of control... I've had so many things to worry about and I have not been able to sleep well AT ALL.. I also blame it on the construction that is going on in my apartment building.

Having my darling Monsieur Josh by my side has been GREAT it has also required a bit of adjusting.. go figure that living with a boy is not as easy as one would imagine .. heh.. but still I love it, I finally have someone to take out the trash .. among other things.

Oh.. but I miss posting I miss it dearly!!! and I've thought about a bunch of posts while I've been busy and they just never make it to the blog is kinda sad really..

And now is the beginning of fall... spring took sooo long to get here and summer was never really there it was always rainy and cold and now it feels like it is the end of October.. something really weird is happening with the weather.. is worrying me a bit... although it might have good things if we have a really long fall cause I love fall.

I should go now.. meatloaf is almost done .. yeah I thought that meatloaf would be a fine choice of first fall meal, I'll see you all really soon as I resume posting as usual ^_^


Sarah said...

I'm sorry that you haven't been sleeping well. Hope everything is okay.

Take it from me, living with a boy takes a lot of patience. I'm still telling mine not to throw his clothes on our dining room table and it's been almost a year!!!

I like fall too and so far it's been pretty nice, not too cold, not too warm. Hope it sticks around. I found a great recipe on Food Network for Apple Caramel cheese cake!!

Anonymous said...

Good to see you back and sorry you have been having sleepless nights.

Funny how life just takes over sometimes, I am finally back after a three month break too and I think that the break helped to give me some persepective, I am being very rubbish at my Daring Bakers commitments though, might have to give it up. will see I guess x