Saturday, September 27, 2008

September Daring Bakers challenge - Lavash Crackers

Okie.. so people that read this blog often enough know that this was not posted exactly on the day it was supposed to however it is here now and I am really glad to be posting this challenge!

The first time I read the challenge I had no idea what Lavash crackers were or what were they supposed to look like, after a week I saw them in the supermarket the following week every single food store that I went to had them.. it was like they were following me and trying to inspire me to do my challenge, so finally I did. And what can I tell you?

LAVASH CRACKERS ARE AWESOME!!! you don't need tons of complicated ingredients to make them.. nope.. you just need flour, salt, sugar, instant yeast, vegetable oil, water and your pretty hands to knead the dough. The dough is definitely a challenge to knead at the beginning it seems pretty hard and it doesn't take form easily but after like 5 minutes it turns into this wonderful incredibly velvety dough. The recipe said that after rising I might have some trouble shaping it into sheets and that I should wait 5 minutes between rolls of my rolling pin so it would be easier but let me tell you.. I had NO trouble it handled like a dream and it went really thin right away.

To top my crackers I used sesame seeds, paprika, sugar and kosher salt, my favourite ones were the paprika ones (maybe next time I'll try paprika and cheddar cheese) and the sugar ones which were delish. Even though I should have made some sort of dip I ate hem with goat cheese I thought that was the best dip for them besides me having an incredible craving for goat cheese.

And now.. a picture for your visual enjoyment!!!

I bet you.. you can't wait to see what we bake up next month, so please visit all of the other Daring Bakers to see their results.


Anonymous said...

aaah they look great!

I am so bad! every month I say I will start my challanges again and I missed on this one too! I hope I don't get thrown out of Daring Bakers!

Yours look yummy!

giz said...

This one was a fun challenge - the lavash lasted about 20 minutes - obviously a big hit.

linda said...

They look delicious, love the toppings! I thought they were best without any dip but goat cheese sounds like a wonderful combo though