Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Yes.. I am SICK.. I have cold >_<

Bad Monsieur Josh got sick on Friday and I took care of him during the weekend and I thought I had dodge the bullet that I would not get sick.. but NOOOO yesterday I woke up and my throat was all scratchy and my head wanted to explode and I felt sooo weak so I am SICK.

I've been trying to drink lots of liquids and sleep a lot and had some chicken noodle soup and garlic bread.. however if you have any other remedies that you would like to throw my way pleeease feel free because I don't want to be sick anymore /cough

I feel like a little twig and at any moment I am going to break, I hate being sick and all vulnerable and I despise it when my throat hurts and I can't even swallow... that's the worse, however having time to cuddle and sleep is good... bah I need to go get myself some chamomile tea, I hope you are all HEALTHY and HAPPY!


Anonymous said...

aaaah poor you!

rest up and drink that chamomile tea like a good girl!

Get well soon! x

Sarah said...

I'm sorry you're sick. My Josh went out and bought Cold FX it's supposed to be like a vitamin with Ginsing and you take it to boost your immune system against colds and he's making me take it.

giz said...

I'm sending you some chicken soup through my modem. Feel better soon.