Monday, October 20, 2008

Birthday Week

I had an amazing birthday week, with nice little presents from my darling Bad Monsieur Josh everyday during that week and I ended up celebrating with 2 wonderful cakes!!! (thanks Sarah)

I received some amazing gifts too ^_^
extremely excited about this one... looove Jamie

mmmm wine.. and int that mysterious looking bag there is a wonderful Riesling

Yay!!!! funky cookie cutters, everyone needs some of those

oh I love Birthday Week!!! and sparklers too ^_^


Anonymous said...

I could eat two cakes right now! hehe

Glad you had a fab time! x

Anonymous said...

me again!

ooh lucky you!

I am after Jamie's new book Ministry of food
Hopefully for Christmas off my mum!

My sister has the one you got, she loves it! x

MaryMary said...

I understand the birthday excitement when your new cookbook. Lucky girl!