Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Let the celebration begin!!

For a couple of years now I've been planning my 25th birthday party..

I don't think it will turn out as fabulous as I had planned and expected, it won't have a Marie Antoinette's theme... there won't be at least 3 cakes and champagne drinking until dawn .. but I might do that for my 30th birthday

..this year I've decided to extend my birthday celebration over a week!!! and make fabulous with a coconut cake ... oh this is going to be an exciting week ^_^


Anonymous said...

oooh Happy Birthday!

Was the day actually on the 14th? That's also my sisters birthday!

Have a fab birthday week! x

linda said...

Happy birthday! Hope you have a wonderful birthday week!

Sarah said...

I'm sorry you didn't have 3 cakes
:( I wish I had read your blog before your big day I would have made a second cheesecake instead of just the one...however...no one ate any that night except for you, we only ate your coconut cake which by the way was delicious!!!
Your 30th will definitly be wayyyyy... better.

Does this mean I have to plan something fabulous for my 25th??