Saturday, November 29, 2008

Daring Bakers November challenge- a very sugary month

I've been quite sick for quite a few days so I apologize for my delay in posting this challenge.. however I am extremely happy to post this.

This month dear Dolores decided we should get all hyped up in sugar and make a Caramel Cake with Caramelized Butter Frosting oh.. and hyped up we did!!! also helping her were Alex , Jenny of Foray into Food , and Natalie of Gluten-a-Go-Go . The recipe came from Shuna Fish Lydon of Eggbeater and you can find the recipe here.

I must admit that at the beginning I was not so excited about this challenge since I don't really like caramel flavours (shhh.. please don't tell anyone.. I already have enough heat coming from Bad Monsieur Josh about it) but I thought that I could do something in order to make it more to my liking. When it came time to do this cake.. I was sooo sick I couldn't really deal with any changes I just wanted to get it done.. but oh!!! I was sooo glad.. the cake is absolutely delicious.. I didn't cook my sugar too long so it wasn't burnt caramel but just nicely light caramelly.. the cake is just soo spongy and moist and incredible I am thinking about making it again this week. The icing was not so much of my liking.. but I think I might use the basis of this icing to make a variation of it next time.. cause I love its texture.

THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU for picking this challenge this month it opened my taste to caramel cake.. (perhaps only this cake.. but still) mmm yummy in my tummy cake ^_^ oh.. if you want to see other creations please visit the Daring Bakers

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Dolores said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed our celebration of sugar. Thanks for baking with us.