Saturday, November 1, 2008

Where has all the Halloween candy gone?!

So... I am upset, I am sad.. I am starting to get depreseed.....

Usually on Nov 1st, Bad Monsieur Josh and I go out and hunt some left over halloween candy that is now on clearance because no one has any use for it then, and we are happy to eat tons and tons of candy.. we don't get any trick or treat candy so this is the next best thing..... however we went out on our hung for CANDY and no store would have any.. not Wal-Mart.. not Zellers...not Loblaws... nor the Pharma Plus... where did it all go??!! not to mention now everything is Christmasy and I hate when they do that.. they just make you get tired of Christmas before it even begins..
seriously.. WHERE DID ALL THE CANDY GO??!!! who took it??!! why did they do this to us??!! WHYYYY!!!

/sigh.. I had to rant

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