Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What happens when you mistake 3/4 teaspoon for 3/4 cup?

I didn't know what to title this post, because I also wanted to call it "You should never make cake when you are extremely desperate to eat cake and you can't wait another minute" why? well.. that's what was going on when I decided to make this lemon poppy seed cake from COOK with Jamie.

I couldn't wait.. I just wanted a cake fix fast.. and so I rushed through the recipe and I didn't read the instructions well. I was also halving the recipe so.. trying to think straight while having the intense craving for cake not the best idea in the world.. that is how I ended up adding 3/4 cup of poppy seeds to a cake that only required 3/4 teaspoon.. geesh.. yes, you are probably wondering HOW could I've made that mistake?? well let me just tell you that I couldn't wait to put that cake in my mouth.

this is how it looked..

it didn't taste bad though.. it was just very poppy seedy.. oh well, I've learned my lesson.


Sarah said...

Here is an evil recipe I found for 5 minute chocolate cake using a coffee mug and a microwave.

Anonymous said...

so funny! at least you didn't do it with the salt, imagine! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Isn't that how endless variation son recipes get created? because someone made a mistake? so the souffle become a quiche, and your poppyseed cake becomes a poppyseed um, ocean? :-)
eeloh @