Thursday, September 3, 2009

WHAT did I do this summer?

Well let me tell you about it!!! I went to visit my parents in Mexico and I had various activities planned in order to combat my sadness and boredom from being again from my friends and my kitchen. I HAD to get my wisdom teeth out while I was there, but after that I was going to ENJOY my summer.
Among the activities there was dancing at an old friend's wedding, learning how to drive (I've learned how to drive standard, but geesh it is really complicated and I get petrified of thinking about the road AND the gear shifts)going to the beach and taking yoga classes.
Was any of this possible you might ask? Did you have a wonderful summer? Was it even better than what you expected? well.. I am sad to tell you NO.. it was even MORE awful than I expected.
Not in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that after 2 days of being there something worse than getting my wisdom teeth out would happen. The day that I got my wisdom teeth pulled out (a Friday barely 2 days after I arrived) I got a muscle relaxant which had to be delivered intramuscular (I hate shots.. really I hate them) then when I got to the doctor's he couldn't find a good connection to put the anesthesia for the right side of my mouth.. yep that's when things began to go down. After he finally got my left wisdom teeth out he worked on the right side which wasn't completely numb.. it hurt quite a bit but I sucked it up. In the afternoon I had to call him because the pain meds that he recommended were not strong enough, so he gave me something else. I was getting ready to go to bed.. and THEN it happened... I DISLOCATED MY KNEE.. oh yeah it was awful, I've felt the pain before (I've dislocated that knee before) my mom had to call a doctor to our house so he could put it back in it's place.. luckily for me he was really nice and he did it quickly and it was over before I thought much about it.
But.. the damage was done and I got to wear this really cool accessory for the following 4 weeks...

During that time... I wasn't really allowed much walking so I had to stay at home on bed rest... all of my awesome summer plans out the window. When the cast finally came off, I was faced with the fact that all the muscle that used to reside on my left leg was completely gone and that I could not bend my knee at ALL. I was also told by my doctor that I have something called "patella alta" on both my knees which means that they are in a position that is really susceptible to dislocation and this means that if it should happen again to my left knee (for the third time) I would have to have surgery in which they would remove part of bone and realign my patella.. not my idea of fun.

But I am back now in Ottawa and doing the best I can to protect my knee, also doing physiotherapy so I can bend it more and get the muscle back. And you might ask what fun things did I end up doing while I was on house arrest? Well I did read Wuthering Heights, I made some pretty place mats for my friend who got married and learned how how to do some pretty kusudama paper flowers.

Finally I leave you with a picture of the sky on my flight back to Ottawa.

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