Saturday, December 1, 2007

December is HERE!!

That is right, December is here and it was an AMAZING day today (because of all the yummy things I made and ate)

as you can see by the picture I made some pumpkin pie (it was my first time making pie crust, it turned out okie.. but I need more practice). And inside the dutch oven there is some amazing Mexican style meatloaf, which I can't show you because you would begin salivating and is just not right, besides it is the secret family recipe so if I showed it to you I would probably have to kill you, but it is amazingly moist and spicy just ask Miss Martha a.k.a Carrie ^_^

And after all the cooking I put up my Christmas lights.. yay!!! *sings* is the most wonderful time of the year!!! can't wait for more holiday baking!!!


Bev and Ollie "O" said...

no no your pie crust is fab! (I always prefer an imperfect looking crust, just seems more "homemade to me!)

I am fine, the "health issues" are just to do with me, I have Crohn's and sometimes it flares up and gives me trouble so I've been tooing and froing to the hospital, but turns out I am fine and it' a virus I have, not my Crohn's symptoms coming back. (all very boring)

Bev x

shellyC said...

A great day of cooking and baking makes me feel great too.

I think pumpkin pie must be an acquired taste....I love my pumpkin roasted with lots of garlic. eating it as a dessert seems a little strange where I am from.

Carrie aka "Miss Martha" said...

Meatloaf = divine. I think I might have to worship it. And I love it when the lovely Miss Ifi gets food cravings , such as pumpkin pie. **imagines pumpkin pies in May**