Sunday, December 2, 2007

On Christmas cards

I love Christmas cards! not only do I love making them but I also love receiving them. Unfortunately I don't usually receive that many Christmas cards, so I don't really display them, but I am hoping this Christmas a miracle occurs and I get tons and tons of cards *keeps fingers crossed and keeps believing in Christmas miracles*.

The reason that I love making Christmas cards is because I get to be creative and making something that will make people smile and be all like "oh!! would you look at that it is handmade... AWESOME!!! " and this year the cards are going to be soooo pretty!!! here is a sneak peak at what they are going to look like


Bev and Ollie "O" said...

oh they are looking very pretty!
I haven't even started mine yet, oops! I spoke to me neighbour about christmas and how it is celebrated here and she said it is not as big a deal in Belgium as in England, they don't really bother with cards etc.
I get so many I never know what to do with them, but as you said it's the handmade ones that are really special, sometimes I think you can get too many cards so you don't really appreciate them, you know the people were just ticking off a HUGE list when they wrote and sent them!

Miss Ifi said...

but.. but Christmas.. is like the most wonderful time of the year!! how can it not be a big deal, I mean it doesn't have to be all about the presents and stuff but is just so nice!
you are right Bev though if you get a card that someone just sent without meaning it is no fun!