Monday, December 10, 2007

ForgetfulMissIfi Mcgee

Yeah.. that is ME!!!
you see.. I had soooo many things to post about and now I've probably forgotten half of them, I must learn from my mistakes and next time just do a whole bunch of posts instead of trying to do a big one.
What happened this weekend:
-I bough a box of Mandarin oranges.. you know you are out doing some grocery shopping and suddenly you just feel like buying a whole box of mandarin oranges for yourself, well that happened to me on Friday.
-On Saturday Miss Martha (a.k.a Carrie) came over to my place and we made to Christmas cards and I gave her the Harry Potter scarf she's been waiting for.
-Because Miss Martha was coming on Saturday I decided to make some Yogurt Cake which turned out delicious, seriously... everyone should try this recipe is SO easy.. but sooo tasty I made mine with raspberries and blackberries and instead of almonds I used pecans, oh geesh was it ever yummy!!!

-Oh on saturday too I found this awesome thingie to wash the dishes with, it is SOO cool I <3 it

... so basically that was it, tell me.. how was YOUR weekend?


Bev and Ollie "O" said...

my weekend was a bit dull, my hubbie spent the whole weekend in the cellar unblocking drains, (accunulated by the previous home owner tut tut!)
I did finish my Daring Baker task though, I know you know what it is so I won't mention it (it being a secret and all!) that was fun, and VERY challanging!
The cake looks scrummy, did you save me a slice??? ;o)

Miss Ifi said...

I am willing to forego my last slice of the cake to you if I can get a slice of your Daring Bakers challenge!!! how about that?

Carrie aka "Miss Martha" said...

The cake was a piece of heaven. Lovely Miss Ifi sent me home with some, and I decided to bring some to work. Everyone LOVED it. Ifi I think you might have some more followers willing to do your biddings for cake.....