Thursday, January 24, 2008

2 new things and some CAKE!

OH JOY!!! to finally own a digital camera and be able to take pictures of EVERYTHING, I hope you don't get tired of the pictures y'all.. I am a firm believer in the more pictures.. the BETTER!!!

Since my camera needed a home to stay protected, warm and cozy when I take it out on the town... I armed myself with my scissors, lots of patience and the sewing machine.. and after one failed design I was finally able to finish a temporary home for my camera (temporary.. because I think I can make improvements to the pattern, but for now it will do..) and I am happy with it ^-^

The second new thing is.. A FOOD SCALE!!! yay!!! finally I have a food scale.. I am quite happy with it and I think is pretty.. now I'll never be fooled about grams or ounces.. I can measure them, tee hee!!!

AND WHAT ABOUT THE CAKE??? you might ask.. well that is the best part, I've been craving some chocolate cake for the past few days, actually since I saw this post on Eat Drink Live .. so I whipped it up and made some mini cakes and let me tell you that it is FABULOUS!!! in half of the mini cakes I hid raspberries and the combo of flavours is amazing!!! I need to find more recipes of chocolate cake with raspberries.. mmm ... here.. have some

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Anonymous said...

chocolate AND raspberries! yummmy!

I love your case, it's so cute, I really should do something for my camera, I agree the more pics the better! I am always snapping my camera at things and Ollie now knows to smile, which makes it more difficult to get a more natural pic but is damn cute!

I must say I find the whole cup system easy, but I would not cope without my scales! they broke not long ago and I was destraught until I got a new one! haha

Bev x


I decided to change my blogs over to wordpress becaue there are so many more features available there, there are a couple of little things I preferred on blogger but I think for me the sacrifice has been worth it. Hope you like the new blogs, and note the name change on the craft/art blog. (I thought the other one was too long) farawayme is the url and up the tree is the blog, as a child I LOVED Enid Blyton'd "The Magic Faraway Tree books so that was my inspiration.
now I will stop before I take over the whole comments section with my baffle! x