Saturday, January 19, 2008

Back after the holidays craze...

To begin with, here are some more pictures of my Yule Log...

And how were my holidays you might ask??? (well Christmas and New Year's because there is another set of holidays called Christmas in January but that story will be told tomorrow)... well they had good and BAAAAD parts.

I left Ottawa on Friday the 21st of December to go home and visit my parents in Aguascalientes Mexico. I arrived to the airport knowing that it would be a long day, but that around 9:30 I would be home with my parents... oh I was sooo wrong! The flight from Ottawa to Chicago got delayed because there was fog in the Chicago airport (unluckily for me, my connections were very tight), well with about a 2 hour delay we made it to Chicago and the flight to Dallas had also been delayed so I was able to take that flight, but when I got to Dallas to take my flight to Aguascalientes (the only flight a day) they had just left, as in if I would have arrived 2 minutes earlier I would have made it.

I thought that it wouldn't be so bad, I mean I would get accommodations for the night from American Airlines and the next day I would go home.. well I was wrooong about that too. I went to the ticket counter from American Airlines where they told me they would not provide accommodations because it was due to weather and I would not be able to get home until Sunday (this was Friday) because all flights were full. I didn't have communication with my parents until I finally was able to call them using a 20 dollar phone card that gave me 4 minutes. I stayed in Dallas that night in a discount hotel that American Airlines got for me because I was a "distress passenger" and the next day I flew from Dallas to Acapulco and from Acapulco to Mexico city (both of the flights were delayed so it was a VERY looong day). When I finally got to Mexico City, I had to go to the ticket counter from American Airlines and try and get my tickets for the next day and a discount hotel, well the ticket counter was closed so I had to go to an obscure office to get all of that, but blessed them, they gave me the hotel and some food money... FINALLY they were nice (seriously the people that work for American Airlines in the United States need to be a little bit nicer).

On Sunday I finally got to Aguascalientes, but I was sooo tired and I had been through so much, I just wanted to sleep through the holidays. Christmas was nice and for New Year's we went to Palenque, Chiapas and we has lots of fun and it was a really good trip. My parents got me some really nice clothes as a Christmas present and I also got some really nice fabric.

When I had to return to Ottawa (a Monday), I was nervous because I didn't want to have any problems, oh well... you don't always get what you ask for. My plane left from Aguascalientes without any problems, we got to Dallas fine, and from Dallas the flight was delayed to Chicago because there were crazy winds, finally after a 2 hour delay we get on the plane and we arrive to Chicago just in time to run to my flight to Ottawa, and when I get there they tell me that the flight to Ottawa has been canceled because of fog in Ottawa, and at this point my only chance to get back to Ottawa is not until Wednesday, OH DEAR!!! I couldn't wait until Wednesday I just wanted to get home to Ottawa, I just wanted to get out of Airports so what I did was stay the night in Chicago and fly to Montreal the following day and from Montreal take a bus to Ottawa.. oh and of course I forgot to mention, they lost my luggage and I didn't get it back until Friday (well at least I got it back)

I seriously needed holidays to get over my holidays... I am scared of the whole traveling thing now.. I don't think I'll flight with American Airlines ever again!. And.. when I got to Ottawa and it was all over I got sick.. so yeah.. those were my "holidays" .... but stay tuned I'll tell you about my Christmas in January tomorrow.. that was NIIIICE!

--glad to be back!