Sunday, January 20, 2008

My Christmas in January

Since I went to HOooOME to spend Christmas with my parents, Bad Monsieur Josh and Miss Martha (aka Carrie) agreed to celebrate Christmas in January with ME!!!

The plan for Christmas in January was set in motion back in December 2007, we agreed there would be no presents until our especial weekend in January and no Christmas cards, nothing Christmasy until that weekend, which worked out perfectly... because this way we had time to think about presents and I had time to make an especial stocking for Bad Monsieur Josh (well didn't really have much time.. but he got his nice embroidered stocking of which I forgot to take a pictures >_<) and had time to design Miss Martha's card.

After my crazy holiday season it was nice to come back to Ottawa and celebrate Christmas in January, it is a really nice tradition actually... on Sunday, January 13th Bad Monsieur Josh and I woke up to give each other our Christmas presents and made a very nice breakfast and later on that night we went over to Miss Martha's for Christmas dinner!!! it was awesome... what can I say I love Christmas in January ^-^

and what did I get for Christmas presents you might ask??? well... Miss Martha got me some really nice fabric to embroider and a Stuart McLean book *jumps around* and my pie maker Bad Monsieur Josh got me some seasons of Sex and the City and... *drum roll please*..... a DIGITAL CAMERA!!!! I looove my presents !!!

And.. this is one of the first pictures I took with my awesome new camera

cute eh?

... and that was Christmas in January.. I like this idea of having 2 Christmases.. it just makes me happy ^_^


Miss Martha aka Carrie said...

Awww what a sweet Bad Monsieur (and not to mention cute!)!! I am hoping a digital camera means more blog updates. As well I should mention that there is a final present for Miss Ifi, if Miss Martha ever gets off her butt and makes it!!
Speaking of which I need help naming my soon to be BLOG. It shall be musings, mostly on food and the books I read. I was thinking "edible type" or "edible fictional musings" or something of the like. What do you think?

Anonymous said...
(not sure if you can get it in Canada, but surely online?)

I'm glad you had a Merry January Christmas! :o) x

Anonymous said...

(if you can't get it where you are I'm sure you can get it online?)

Bev x
(Glad you enjoyed your January Christmas!)

Miss Martha aka Carrie said...

I know we often get treacle from the UK in at my store.....I should check to see if it is indeed "black treacle"....