Wednesday, February 20, 2008

ME tagged?

First, I would like to Apologize to Bev for taking so long for this post, and I would really like to thank her for tagging me.

And now.. the dreaded RULES (as the echo of RULES... RULES.. RULES.. goes on)

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. Share 5 facts about yourself
3. Tag 5 people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them).
4. Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment at their Blogs.

Please.. a drum roll for the 5 interesting things about myself (well sort of interesting)

1.- Both my names Euridice and Ifigenia come from the Greek mythology, and they are both tragedies.. I guess my parents had a sense for the dramatic, they are both very interesting stories but my favourite one is Euridice's story. Hopefully one day I'll find my Orpheus who will be ready to go get me back from the Underworld.

2.- I am obsessed with dessert, I MUST eat something sweet after my main meal otherwise I just feel like there is something missing and I don't feel satisfied. Right now.. I need some cake with some ice cream.. mmm spongecake with ice cream yuuum.

3.- My favourite kind of wine is Riesling is just refreshing and fruity .. I love it, and just last week I got my first recipe to cook with Riesling so stay tuned for Chicken cooked in Riesling.

4.- I am a really slow reader, specially with Fiction books because I don't want them to be over, I feel that once I read the last page of the book I'll loose the story and will be out of my mind, however if I read it really slowly I can think about different endings and keep the world of the book in my head. I know it sounds really weird, but I love keeping all of the world of fiction close to me.

5.- I collect and LOVE (and I mean LOVE) bags and boxes, just ask Miss Martha... I have so many bags, but seriously.. I don't think you can ever have enough bags.. I loves them loves them.. LOVES them. Functional ART!

And now for the people that I've chose to TAG!! mwahahahaha!! (I am changing the rules for myself cause they are meant to be bent.. I am only tagging 3 people)

1) Miss Martha aka Carrie
2) Miss Carolyn
3) Kristin who I just meet but is a really nice gal


Anonymous said...

I also gave you a little award;

(I don't expect you to join in ;))

Anonymous said...

ah now I know your name! Such a lovely,cool story, I am named after a pub in Canterbury that my dad used to drink at, not so glamouraous! haha

I hate books to be over too, I always feel a little sad as I see the last page approaching me and try and slow down!

Carrie Anne aka Miss Martha said...

Awww I just read your comment on my five things. Usually I would afraid to write something sappy and to "bear my soul" but I think that too many people are, which sucks! SO! I shall add 5 things I know about Miss Ifi now...

1.) Miss Ifi possesses a great sense of humour and undefeatable spirit. She is a great inspiration to me (I lack a spine)

2.) She is a great cook and baker - she makes it look effortless and downplays the amount of work and love she puts into her food - but you can taste it!!! (and yes I need to bake her a cake)

3.) She is a hard worker. She is not afraid to work for the things she wants, like so many people. I am so proud of her!

4.) She is a great photographer. Her photographs ae poignant and speak on so many levels.

5.) She is a great friend (and girlfriend - hahahaha inside joke I suppose) and I love her to bits - I hope she knows how rich she has made my life.

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