Sunday, February 3, 2008

phat lewt

Since I saw Bev's post about Naan bread and little Ollie nibbling at that delicious bread... I've been dying to make some, of course the challenge of making this bread is I don't own a tandoor oven, but oh well... I wanted to nibble on some of that delicious bread myself.

The recipe was easy and I love using yogurt instead of milk, the dough was a BEAUTY to work with, seriously... it is a pleasure to work with.. it is sooo smooth and easy to manage.. I loved it! ... and...

I loved the bread too.. doesn't it look pretty? trust me, it also tasted yuuummy!!! yay for Naan, thanks sooo much Bev!!

Last Sunday I went out with my dearest Miss Martha and we went on a fabric buying expedition.. and this is the phat lewt that I got

pretty eh?? 4 of those fabrics are destined for bags, and I am unsure about what to to do with the other still, perhaps more bags, perhaps more stuffed monsters, we will see what my imagination cooks up, but I am sooo happy with my fabric.. ^_^

what I am not so happy about right now is this killer headache that I've had since yesterday and I don't know what to do with it.. it is sooo bad.. anyone knows about a recipe to get rid of this kind of headache? *dies*