Saturday, February 2, 2008

A snow storm and some matcha mini cakes

On Friday, I was supposed to go out with Miss Carolyn to knitnite... we were supposed to have have supper at her place (I would provide the dessert) and then go...

I had my knitting ready!

I had dessert ready!

Matcha and chocolate mini cakes for which you can find the recipe here

but the weather had completely different plans for us.... there was a snow storm so our plans were shattered, hopefully when we meet this coming week there won't be a snow storm!
On the plus side the Matcha cakes are reeeeally good, seriously is super fun to cook with matcha tea ^_^ ... who wants to come over for some tea and mini cakes??!!!


linda said...

The matcha cakes look so pretty! I'm coming over ;)

carrie said...

MMM those cakes look good - teach me how to make them sometime?

Oh I think my blog will be up today :)

Shayne said...

My crafting group (the crafty beavers) is doing knitting this month. I have been working on a scarf since I was pregnant with my son (he is 2 and a half now) and I had about 8 inches of pearl a row knit a row but I dropped so many stitches that I tore it out to 3 inches and it has been waiting for me for many many months. I try and try but now never get it done. your knitting looks so beautiful.