Sunday, September 2, 2007

Chapter I - Introductions

You might be wondering and WHO? is this so called Miss Ifi who loves cake so much? well, allow me to introduce myself *curtseys* my full name shall remain a mystery for now but let me tell you a bit more about myself. I became a knitter in February 2007 and a proud cake lover in October 2006 and I am living in an apartment for the first time in my life, so this blog shall include tips on taming first apartments.
Now that you know a bit about myself (I don't really want to bore you, you will get to know me more later on) I shall introduce the main characters of my life.
First I shall mention my lover and cuddler (without forgetting personal chef) Monsieur Josh *applause*
I shall also introduce my partner in crime for the Knitting Mesdemoiselles, Miss Carolyn with whom I've been friends for.. well a long time ago, since we started university, probably 5-6 years ago.
My dearest friend Miss Martha a.k.a Carrie, to whom I owe more than I can say, she has saved me in countless occasions and feed me cake in others.
And last but not least, Lady Amelia a.k.a the "cake lady", I try to steal cake from her on regular basis.
As this blog develops I shall introduce more characters, but for now, I shall leave you to wonder what will happen to these characters, if they will soon feast on cake or be faced with the most important question of all "What to make for supper?"
Au revoir