Tuesday, September 18, 2007

want to come and have tea with me?

My day did NOT turn out the way I had expected or hoped, I was supposed to buy a rolling pin and also make some elephant ears.. AND some rolls with spinach and feta, and well... none of those things happened. That's life I suppose, it throws things at you unexpectedly just to see how you'll react. However, the day was worth it because of books and some experiment baking.

I went to pick up books from the Public Library oh yeah!!! there's so much I have to cook now, I have:
>Falling Cloudberries by Tessa Kiros
>Favourite Comfort Food from Martha Stewart
>Everyday Food from Martha Stewart as well

The experiment baking was a loaf of whole wheat bread.. which did not turn out quite like a loaf.. I think the temperature of the water was a bit too hot and the yeasties got mad at me (I am so sorry yeast, I'll be nicer to you next time). What did turn out amazing are these beautiful chocolate Madeleines (which have also some coffee in them yuuuum!!!)

so... who wants to come and have tea with me and eat some of these lovelies??

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shellyC said...

Make it coffee and i will be there!