Sunday, September 9, 2007

Farmer's market sunday

I enjoy so much going to the Ottawa Farmer's Market on Sundays (though I am mad there is not a cheese vendor) all of the people seem happy picking up their vegetables and flowers and the colours are amazing!!!

The two treasures that I brought today from the market are peaches and cream corn and some ball yellow squash, and then when I went to the supermarket I found some broccoli on sale, which meant it was time to make some broccoli cream soup yuuuuum!! so I did I made some yummy soup and whole wheat bread.. mmmmm love whole wheat bread!!

Yesterday I went to Value Village and I found some awesome stuff, like this really cute apron (the one on the picture) and some beautiful plates (also shown in the picture) among other things, it always makes me so happy to find beautiful stuff for my kitchen, and I always have to think what are the stories behind these objects, perhaps the apron belonged to a cake baker or to a Canadian Martha Stewart *giggles*

I know.. I need to get a decent camera.... I better ask for it for my birthday /sigh