Friday, September 14, 2007

Me and my BIG broccoli

Originally uploaded by Miss Ifi
While I was in class yesterday morning, I decided that as soon as class would stop I would go to the market and look around, and buy some much needed zucchini so I could make perhaps some zucchini fritters, or zucchini quesadillas.
When I got to the market, all the nice looking vegetables were calling me .. saying things like "pick me" and it was then, when I saw this HUGE broccoli, and I had to take it home.... would you look at the size of that one!!!
It was only 75cents, so I am lucky, and so I am making some more soup.. oh yeah!!!! it's going to be GREAT!!! but seriously.. the thing is HUUUUGE!
yay for my big broccoli!!!


shellyC said...

And what dod you make with that gorgeous looking vegetable??

Miss Ifi said...

well... I have now broccoli soup to get me through the winter (well not really that much), and I had to eat some of eat raw, cause it looked so darn good!!
It was just a craving for BROCCOLI!!! now that I think about it I felt powerful that day, maybe broccoli is to me what spinach is to Popeye ^_^