Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Miss Ifi goes French!

This semester, I decided to take some French, I mean I've taken French before, but really I should put a lot of effort in it if it's going to benefit my career and my hopefully staying in Canada.

Well I registered on the beginners French (F1) and had my first class on Monday, and the teacher recommended that I take the placement test, since I am not an F1, well.. I do.. and the placement takes .. well it takes me all the way to F4!!! imagine that.. I was like.. WHAT?? yeah.. I know I understand a lot of things and come on... it is a multiple choice placement test, but I don't think I belong in F4. I panic a bit and I go see the people at the languages thingie, they say go to talk to another language person, I do.. she says okie.. you belong in F3, and proceeds to let me know there might not be room, I panic and then she says okie let's go to the main office, we go, they say no.. maybe I'll have to have classes on Friday afternoon (I panic even MORE), finally my schedule stays the same and I take F3.. well now I can say Bonsoir!!!

I've been finding lucky pennies lately, the one I found this morning helped me with the French, but I wish the other pennies could have helped in other aspects of my life, in the words of my wise mother: "You should eat cake", yeah.. with the way I feel I should be eating cake and LOTS of it.. unfortunately I don't feel like making cake nor do I feel like buying cake. I tried today an alternative to cake.. ice cream I ate almost a pint of it and it didn't help at all ... I better find me some cake soon... anyone willing to share some cake with me?