Tuesday, September 4, 2007

My longest relationship

The longest love relationship that I've ever had is with FOOD, that is right! I LOVE food!! I am addicted to it and I admit it. I've probably loved food since I was born, I was always a hungry kid (which would explain why I've always been a bit chubby) and I just love everything about food.

Why you may wonder? well I recently found a few words in the Joy of Cooking that explain it:
"Food is a central part of our lives. It provides the body with fuel and raw materials for maintenance, growth and repair. It draws together family and friends, anchors celebrations and rites of passage, and sometimes soothes the soul. It has the power to heal and also to harm"

When I moved my mom said: "Whenever you feel sad, EAT CAKE" and you know what? it helps, if I feel really sad a good piece of good cake will lift my spirit and help me go on, so food does have the power to heal. Nothing in this world can compare to eating a good meal, having some fresh salad with some smoked salmon, cream of celery, a steak so tender that almost melts in your mouth and a cake that makes you feel in heaven, all accompanied by glass of red wine.

I have to thank my parents for teaching me the pleasure of eating, and eating right, they always made me try EVERYTHING (and really I mean everything, I've eaten tongue, brains among other stuff) so I learned good eating habits and I never felt bad for being a bit chubby, it always meant that I was eating right and enjoying my food. As I get older I get more conscious about what I eat, and I try to eat healthier, but still a good balance is always the key, there is always room for cake, but not for junk food (I do fall into the temptation sometimes, but I try to cook healthy stuff and foods I can savor).

Well that is all I have to say about food for know "I <3 FOOD", I am going to go eat some of those cookies I made ^_^

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shellyC said...

Here via Jorth - I agree there is nothing better than great food - and the joy of it!! i always say that if I won millions I would still wear the same things etc - i would spend the money on buying really good quality food - always.