Friday, September 7, 2007

Monsieur Josh cooks a Turkey - Part I

Yesterday, after my first day of class and after my delicious supper (which was lamb with sautéed zucchini on the side, my first time cooking lamb), I was on the phone with Monsieur Josh and we got talking about thanksgiving and the most exciting/disturbing/I don't know how to describe it piece of news was delivered:

"This year I am cooking the thanksgiving turkey, and YOU are helping me"

the echo of "and YOU are helping me" lingered for a bit....

when the echo was gone the first thought in my mind was OH NOES! It will just be like the tale : Dave cooks a Turkey by Stuart McLean

I tried to put my fear aside and be supportive of Monsieur Josh, but the truth is I am terrified of cooking a turkey, YES... terrified, specially for thanksgiving and specially for his family. I must begin the research, and if YOU (yes you reading this) have any stories or tips that you would like to share... PLEASE DO!!!

..... "and YOU are helping me"

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